Services and Products

Service and Maintenance

Regular Services Include:

  • Up to 40% water change
  • Clean interior glass, rocks, and substrate
  • Clean exterior glass
  • Clean and replace filters
  • Assess health of animals
  • Give care and feeding advice
  • Wipe down the aquarium stand
  • Keep a safe and clean working area

Custom Built Aquariums and Ponds

You name it and we can build it. We put together high quality aquarium and pond packages, not skimping on the important parts. No one wants a heater or pump to fail while they’re away, so our build quality ensures long-term stability. Little things like proper wire management and clean plumbing really stand out!

Sitting While You’re Out of Town

Travel with the peace of mind that someone knowledgeable is checking in on your aquarium. It can be stressful (and sometimes dangerous!) to leave your tank in the hands of a friend or family member. We will feed, top off, send photos, and update you on the general status of your aquarium.

One Time Consultation and Heavy Cleaning

Whether you need advice about setting up your plumbing, or ideas about how to build up your rockscape, we can help. It’s often hard to tell when “medium” flow is truly medium, or “high” light is truly high. We give advice to make you more confident in your aquarium keeping abilities.

We provide sump cleaning for sumps with heavy detritus buildup. This includes a full emptying and washout of the sump to get it working and looking great again!

Vinegar soaking of your pumps is also available. Calcium and other minerals can often build up and slow down or stop your pumps from working. Let us do the dirty work of breaking them down, soaking them, and getting in the nooks and crannies to make sure they’re working like new!

Prices depend on the size of the aquarium as well as freshwater or saltwater. Call today for an Estimate!