Happy Tanks

Our tank has never looked better! Jacob has been so diligent to help us get our tank back to where it should be. Our fish are healthy and happy!

Rachel P.

My salt water tank was an absolute mess, Jacob streamlined the system and has maintained it perfectly. He is very knowledgeable and always helpful.

Vanessa G.

Jacob set up and has maintained my tank for over a year. I absolutely love his work, he was the best decision I made. My 150 gallon saltwater tank looks amazing.

Nichole W.

Jacob has been managing our museum’s salt and freshwater aquaria for over a year and is doing an outstanding job! He is reliable, has great recommendations regarding tank maintenance and the health of the fish and other organisms, and is always friendly and helpful. We have been very pleased with his services!

Beverly S.

Jacob has an awesome company. Super professional and very knowledgeable about aquariums. Worked on a large 500 gallon project with him and it came out great. I would definitely recommend!

Thomas C.

Jacob came out the same day we had a pump failure and needed an immediate emergency repair. Since then he has done a major overhaul and routine maintenance on our 185 gallon salt water tank. His pricing is highly reasonable and we have found him to be conscientious, knowledgeable and reliable. Recommend without hesitation.

Jeannine B.